I am thankful.

My last post on social media on the 23rd of October explained why I had been quiet…

A time to heal. My family had Covid. I was taking a week or two away from social media.

I would be back, stronger than ever.

Well, that quietness went from weeks into months, and I now feel it’s right to share where I have been both physically and emotionally. When Covid struck my family, we endured around eight days of acute symptoms. Initially, the emotional impact was explaining to the children that the very thing they had feared, which had impacted their lives so intensely for the past 6 months, was in our home. After that, and once the acute symptoms subsided, we threw ourselves back into our day jobs (teaching), family life and the farm. We were then entirely blindsided by Covid’s persistent symptoms. Brain fog, forgetfulness, unrelenting tiredness… I am a complete night owl and can function on very little sleep. An asset when festival catering, raising four children and a herd of cattle… but this tiredness was like no other. The brain fog was unreal. I know I had phone conversations with clients at the end of last year that I just can not remember.

Thankfully the children have no lasting effects, my symptoms have now subsided, but unfortunately, my husbands persist. Just before Christmas, his symptoms came to a head. With the care of the cardiac team at Scarborough hospital, we are hopeful that this will eventually be resolved with time and the right medication.

The impact of Covid will be felt for some time yet, but as these bizarre and unnerving symptoms subside all I want to do is look forward. Forward to a time when the Field & Forage Team can throw themselves into your wedding. To help play our small part in creating lasting memories for you and your guests. I am not sure what 2021 holds, but I am optimistic that we will gather again. I suspect this year will be more intermit affairs followed by bigger gatherings in the not too distant future.

I thank you for taking the time to listen. I thank you for your patience.

I am back.

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