Pelargoniums & Pimms


The days are longer and warmer and we don’t want to come indoors – theres too much happening to miss a moment. Acid green Euphorbias and Purple Sensation Alliums are lighting up the Spring border and the tulips we planted far too late in December have proven the textbooks wrong and are going strong. The fruit trees have loved the weather too, the blossom this year is the best we’ve seen but if our May weather is anything to go by then the lesson is to enjoy it right now before it blows away.

We took cuttings of the scented pelargoniums last September and they’re big enough to pot on now. Several varieties are grown but none that we love more than Attar of Roses – it has dainty pink flowers and the best rose fragrance of any pelargonium. We grow them indoors, outdoors, anywhere we can find space. The flowers make a gorgeous decoration on our desserts but a favourite thing is to line the base of Victoria sponges with the leaves before it goes in the oven – heavenly!

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