The promise of March


Busy times in the garden, March is all about preparation. The groundwork, the hustle bustle before the main event. We love March for the promise it brings – everyday something is changing, appearing, emerging and gearing up ready to burst onto the scene. That said it starts to feel like a race to get everything done – whatever the weather - as the days race by.

Currently we are sowing Borage, Calendula, oriental lettuce, Dragons tongue Rocket, Radish Sparkler, Beetroot Boltardy, courgettes and lots and lots of Violas (theres no such thing as too many violas!)

The Dahlia bed didn’t get the attention it needed last year so now there’s work to do dividing, potting up and propagating. There’s something amazing and addictive about propagating your own plants – and the mighty dahlia is no exception.

Still light flurries of snow and icy mornings though the daffodils are making a concerted effort to push us into Spring. Winter seems to be abating but we are sticking with the woolly hat, scarf and garden bonfire for now!

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