Woolly scarves and garden planning


Mud and burrowed in weeds greeted us in February – the month of bitter cold winds and stinging hailstones, but also woolly scarves and garden planning. This time last year the raised beds didn’t exist, the garden was mapped out in canes and string and the hard work was about to begin – barrows full of stone and earth, too many achy muscles to mention and finally it was built and planted.

So now when we survey the empty beds and hold in our heads the highlights from last year,

  • The towers of perfumed sweetpeas that we picked by the bundle

  • Waving drifts of Verbena Boniansieris and a late August afternoon covered in clouds of the Red admiral Butterflies that loved them so much

  • The regal Salvia Amistad – so much bigger and bolder than expected

  • Festival bright Calendulas, picked , dried and stored to carry the sunshine through the winter months.

But onto 2020. Early salads are being planted now, Mizuna, Purslane, Rocket. Cavolo Nero and Curly Kale are in pots in the greenhouse to get ahead of the game and also because like most gardeners at this time of the year, we are just desperate to get started. But still the temperature falls, the ice hardens and the outdoors becomes less inviting – best stay indoors, drink hot chocolate by the log burner and plant imaginary gardens….

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